B&B Urban is a residential developer committed to employing its capital, experience and energies in addressing what we see as the most pressing problems of America’s cities. We are prepared to take outsized risks to achieve our purposes. Our prior success gives us the confidence to take on new challenges.

In today’s New York City, our purpose is simple: to build new, high-quality, energy efficient, and affordable housing for NYC residents, with a significant percentage devoted to formerly homeless families and other populations with special needs. In contrast to much of the supportive housing developed in the past that has concentrated on individuals, B&B is focused on addressing the urgent need for quality housing and support for formerly homeless families and the children in those families.

Our method is to act as the primary developer and then to transfer ownership to our partners in the community – whether non-profit or for-profit – for long term management. Our considerable financial resources and longstanding relationships with architects, engineers, lenders, investors, realtors, contractors, syndicators and other real estate professionals give us the ability to quickly acquire land, assemble development teams and build expeditiously.

In Baltimore, Maryland, B&B Urban has purchased two empty commercial loft buildings constructed in 1890 located in the heart of Baltimore’s beleaguered historic center. We believe that this incipient Arts District, that still contains the empty shells of what was once a neighborhood of great historic character, will once again thrive with new uses inhabiting these once grand buildings. As a start, we intend to renovate these first two buildings at 301-307 North Howard Street into 15 live/work loft apartments and identify lively uses for the ground floor retail spaces. The Crook Horner Lofts is the first of what we hope will be many projects to aid in the revitalization of a city in great need of investment and renewal.

Alan Bell is a founding principal of The Hudson Companies, Inc., one of New York's leading affordable and market rate housing development companies. Alan has built over 6,600 units of new housing in 50 separate developments, including approximately 2,500 units of affordable housing, over a career in real estate that spans almost 30 years. He has been in the forefront of building for energy efficiency, especially in the use of photovoltaic solar panels. Alan owes his success to an unwavering attention to the complex details of development.

Elisa Barnes is an attorney whose career has focused on social justice issues. Her litigation against handgun manufacturers and distributors won her the “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award from Public Justice. As a former counsel for parents and children in the courts of New York, Elisa has worked closely with many of the non-profit agencies that provide foster care and rehabilitative services. Elisa brings a demonstrated commitment to finding solutions to our most difficult social problems—from gun violence to family breakdown—and a lawyer’s attention to nitty-gritty particulars.

Heli Pinillos is a project manager responsible for overseeing the development of all B&B projects from inception to completion. He is passionate about improving access to affordable housing in NYC and helping underserved communities thrive. His experience includes: residential and commercial real estate development and partnering with non-profits, financial institutions and government. Heli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from New York University. He is a native Spanish speaker and a big supporter of NYCFC.

Kevin Dunlevy is a project manager tasked with overseeing the development of all B&B projects, from initial underwriting to marketing and lease-up.  Kevin brings strong financial and analytical skills from his previous career as an investment analyst, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.  He is an avid runner and skier.

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